The drivers and transport union in Imo state, has accused the state government over complicity of authentic revenue collectors.

This was disclosed during a meeting of all leaders of the union with the Commissioner for Transport, Hon. Lasbery Okoroaforanyawu last week at the state secretariat, Owerri.

Speaking during the meeting, Mr. Sunday Onwudali, chairman Luxury Owners Abuja and manager Cisco transport Owerri, stated that he has encountered a lot of problem in Imo State, whereby illegal revenue collectors flocked the street of Owerri extorting money from unsuspecting transporters in the name of government officials.

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He noted that five to six different government revenue collectors will come to his office with the same receipt, each claiming to be the authentic one, and also warning him not to part with his money to either of them that comes.

He added that such complicity has made him believe that the money do not enter government purse.

He called on the state government to make public the authentic revenue officials and offices, so that they will visit them and pay to the appropriate authority.

In his remark, the manager Young Shall Grow Motors Owerri, Chief Patrick Amakor, stated that transporters in the state are faced with multiple taxation, which according to him will throw them out of business, adding that a revenue collector came to his office and gave him a demand notice of one million naira to pay, and some other officials came with different motor emblem to pay for.

He said such situation need to be revenue so that transporters and government will be on one page.

He also stated that the level of motor touting along Egbu road is not a good sight to behold, pointing out that passengers lose their luggage in the cause of touts dragging for passengers, and also accident that happen on daily bases in the course of such should be addressed.

He thanked the commissioner for the meeting, positing that it is the first time since he was posted to the state to manage the outfit, that such meeting was held.

Contributing, Comr. Uche Duru, lamented over illegal motor parks around the state, noting that such has made a mess of transport system in the state, urging the government to sanitize the system for the convenience of drivers and passengers.

Earlier in his speech, the Commissioner for Transport, Hon, Lasbery Okoroaforanyanwu, thanked them for their presence to the meeting, and said that he has come to partner with them so that transportation sector in the state will be sanitize.

The commissioner maintained that those illegal parks cannot operate in his regime, while assuring them that every loopholes in the sector will be properly addressed.


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