The member representing Nkwerre/Isu/Nwangele/Njaba Federal Constituency, presumably the largest constituency in the House of Representatives, Hon. Jones Chukwudi Onyereri, has said that he is doing the heartbeat of God by providing free medical treatment to his people.

Onyereri is sponsoring the medication in collaboration with Doctors On The MoveAfrica led by the team leader, Dr Joseph Kigbu, who said the group is an indigenous non-governmental organisation (NGO).

The free medication will last for five consecutive days, between Monday, March 12 and 16 (Friday), 2018, at the St. Matthew’s Anglican Church Owerre Nkworji, in Nkwerre Local Government Area of Imo State.

The Healing School

The House member who said he is eyeing the Senate seat in the area told journalists in an interview that the free medication was not only part of his campaign promises to the people but also a constitutionally-bound duty to the people of the area.

In addition, he said that the idea was part of God’s injunction to mankind to be his brother’s keeper as contained in the Holy Bible.

He said, “The exercise is trying to live within the heartbeat of God because really that is the heartbeat of God. The heartbeat of God is such that you look after your brethren. Take care of their welfare. The Bible says, if he is hungry you feed him. If he is thirsty you give him water. If he is in hospital you visit him. If he is in prison you ask after him. So that is what we’re trying to do.”

He noted that he had actually done well for his constituents by empowering them educationally and skillfully more than anything else which according to him would take off fully as a Skills Acquisition Centre at the St. Catherine’s Secondary School in the next one week.

He maintained that the Keke tricycles and motorcycles he had been giving out to his people were really meant to assist them in local transportation as it is being done in India and Japan, saying even in Nigeria the idea makes a whole lot of sense because the vehicles keep the operators busy for they are means of livelihood.

He boasted that he had converted Owerre Nkworji Secondary School into one of the best secondary schools in Africa with modern facilities. He said there was no uncompleted project in his kitty.

Onyereri said if given the opportunity to go to the Senate he would bring Orlu to the map of Africa as he had already done for his constituency.

The House committee chairman on Banking and Currency took a swipe at banks over high interest rates, saying that he was not happy about it.

He expressed worry that the middle class in the country had almost been extinct, adding that this could be reversed when the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) were properly founded, pointing out that the 30% banks’ interest rate was outrageous as high interest rate was akin to corruption.

“We must reduce interest rate if not we’re not serious about corruption. We’re not serious about our fight to help SMEs,” he stated.

He stressed need to move SMEs to the next level in the country.

Dr Kigbu said their mission was catering for the sick in rural communities in Africa and they were in Nkwerre courtesy of Onyereri for implementing a Federal Government’s intervention project sponsored by the honourable member.

He stated that their services for the people included a laboratory screening, hospital screening for diabetes, blood check, malaria parasite tests, check for blood groups, giving out reading glasses (above 1000 pairs) and those of them who have cataract will have operation. “Then we will be doing gynecological surgeries at Nkworji Medical Centre for those who need ultrasound scanning.”

Kigbu said the medication to the people was necessary to help those who could not afford the medical bills.

He lamented the inability of the National Health Insurance Scheme to take off, noting that this is in spite of World Health Organisation’s (WHO) talk about universal coverage that the country was still lagging behind.

He said the free treatment was filing the gaps in the healthcare delivery system in the country by reaching out to the very poor in local communities.

“That is why you’ll see somebody who is blind from cataracts he will begin to see courtesy of such programmes. That means a whole world of difference to him. It is a veritable programme that will benefit Nigerians, especially the people of Isu/Nwangele/Nkwerre/Njaba Federal Constituency,” he stated

On referrals he urged the Government to come into the programme with a view to assisting the patients. He said he had been on the move for fourteen (14) years, working across rural communities in more than nineteen states in the country, seeing over two million patients and operated about 500, 000 patients successfully. Over thirty-five medical experts were on board to administer the free medication.

In an interview with journalists, a former state commissioner for Health, Dr. Vin Udokwu, noted that by medical mission such as the one sponsored by Onyereri, the poor could be assisted medically.

Adding his voice, Mr. Kingsley Echendu, who is eyeing the House of Representatives seat in the area, said Onyereri had done his best for the constituency and the people were very, very happy with him. He said he would like to take over and start where Onyereri stopped.


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