It is important to understand that there is hardly anybody in the world who doesn’t aspire to greatness. Everyone really wants to be great. Everyone wants to get to the top. Everyone wants to win and everyone wants to be the most talked about in town. While everybody really can get to the top, everybody really doesn’t. There are more people in the lowest rung of the society’s ladder than there are people in the highest rung, and there are so many spaces up there to be filled, but there are fewer people who seem ready to dare to get to the top. The top is not the preserve of some special group of people. As long as you can identify a problem that you can solve, then you certainly have a date with the top.

The truth is that life is all about solving problems and those who get their names written in great history books are those who identified the problems that they can solve and get into solving it. I believe that prosperity is mostly a reward for selflessness. The best medical doctors are usually those medical doctors who after taking lectures in school, still go ahead on their own to carry out researches on how to solve some nagging health problems. Every medical doctor gets to study mostly the same courses, at least at the undergraduate level, but the top of the class medical practitioners go out of their way to find out how they can do better.

Most times, those who make it big are those who didn’t set out initially to make money from what they do or what they are good at, they are usually those who are passionate to solve the problems that have defied solutions. It might actually be problems that have already got solutions but there are few people who can solve the problems. For instance, the courses that are seen as most lucrative in school, most times, have the lowest number of enrolments, because there are fewer people who can take the pains of solving the problems which these courses teach you to solve.

The Healing School

Being able to solve problems is the first step towards being able to succeed as a leader or an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is really about being able to identify the problems that you can solve, then commercialize your ability to solve that problem, while been a leader is all about been able to identify the problems that most trouble the people then be able to lead the people into solving that problem for themselves. A leader cannot be said to have succeeded, if you cannot point to a single problem that he or she has helped the people to solve, and no entrepreneur really becomes successful if he hasn’t created a solution that the people will be glad to buy with their money at good profit to him or herself.

Ben Carson has made a mark for himself as a leading neurosurgeon in the world. But he hadn’t always been a bright head, so to say. Dr. Ben Carson qualifies to be called a blockhead as a teenager, if we are allowed to use that word. However, Carson’s success started from his mother identifying what the problems of his children were and discovering how to solve these problems. Ben Carson’s mother is his biggest spring in life and he does not fail to celebrate her at any opportunity he gets to speak to people.

Ben’s mother who was an illiterate was very poor and a single mother to Ben and his brother. She was running domestic chores for a fee for people in their neighborhood who were better off to her own family. She discovered that her own problem was poverty and she didn’t want her children to face the troubles, the humiliations, the deprivations and the rejections that she had to face. She discovered that people who are successful are not wonderful television watchers or party goers, but voracious book readers. She stopped her children from over indulgence in television watching and pushed them to the library. It became compulsory for Ben and his brother, Curtis, to read two books a week. This discovery was to lift Ben from been the dull student in class to one of the brightest in his class.

He made good grades all through, got a place in medical school and has gone ahead to become one of the world’s leading neurosurgeons and a presidential candidate in the United States of America. His brother Curtis is a also a highly successful aeronautical engineer. One thing, Sonya, Ben Carson’s mother did for him is to get him equipped enough to be able to compete favorably in life. Sonya’s dream may not have been more than seeing her two sons get good grades in school, graduate and get jobs in good organizations that will pay them good cash, but Ben, especially saw beyond that. He became a medical doctor, but didn’t just want to be one of those medical doctors who passed through school, got a job and did what every other medical doctor could do. He had his eyes set on making history. He specialized in one of the most demanding areas in medicine; neurosurgery.

Ben Carson loves kids and he understood that many kids were dying as a result of brain tumor and other health problems requiring very sensitive neurosurgical interventions. The more Ben heard or experienced the death of a child, the more determined he became to stop the pains been suffered by parents and their children. The more some of his colleagues felt it was impossible, the more he prepared himself to be able to undertake these surgeries.

Carson succeeded in making some breakthroughs in the field of medicine because he was able to discover solutions to the world’s nagging problems. Carson’s achievements in the field of medicine include; performing the only successful separation of conjoined twins, joined at the back of their heads, pioneering the first neurosurgical procedure on a fetus inside the womb, performing the first completely successful separation of Type-2 craniopagus twins, developing new methods to treat brain-stem tumors, and reviving hemispherectomy techniques for treating seizures.

These achievements while they are hugely beneficial to humanity also came with great financial and professional rewards for Ben Carson. He became the youngest ever chief of pediatric surgery in the United States at the age of 33, he has received more than 60 Honorary Doctorate degrees, dozens of national merit citations and has been bestowed with America’s highest civilian honour, the Presidential Medal of Freedom. He is currently the United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, which is equivalent to a ministerial position in Nigeria.

Solving problems is the major driving force behind the Chief of Staff’s successes and dreams in life. Ugwumba Uche Nwosu would always tell those close to him that if he has to be in something, it has to be to make sure things work better. As an estate manager, he is majorly responsible for the new look which Owerri and Imo State, generally wears today. He does not take up a job just for the fun of it, he moves in and looks for the problems facing the society which he can solve through the assignment he has at that point in time. It is his commitment not to leave a place the same way he met it. For him, whatever he lays his hands to do, must get better, or he will simply not get into it at all.

Can you solve a problem? Congratulations, you are already a great success!


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