Hon. Paschal Ejiogu, 2019 Governorship aspirant under the platform of the Action Democratic Party (ADP), has accused Governor Rochas Anayo Okorocha of driving the system of government in the state to utmost decay and pitiful.

Ejiogu who stated this in a press briefing with Imo based journalists at the party State Secretariat, Chukwuma Nwoha Junction, MCC Road, Owerri on Monday opined that present condition of Imo state caused by Okorocha’s style of governance is one that needs emergency approach to remedy.

According to him, most Imolites especially those who grew up in Owerri are very angry with the level of degradation inflicted on the city by the present government adding that it will only take the grace of God and a person like him to restore the state to its foremost glory.

The Healing School

Ejiogu also availed that his decision to contest for the 2019 gubernatorial election is basically to explore his wealth of knowledge, vision, contacts and goodwill to reposition the state for the overall good of all and sundry in the state.

He furthered that he has marshaled out plans aimed at reviving and boasting the Civil Service system, mortgage system, public schools, Internal Generation Revenue (IGR), employment opportunities among others which according to him have all been destroyed by Okorocha’s administration.

The Oguta born Industrialist also accused Okorocha of bankrupting the state which he said was the reason why the state can no longer pay the salaries and pensions of civil servants as well as cater for other financial needs of the state.

Imo State is bankrupt that is why Rochas cannot pay the civil servants and pensioners their salaries, pensions and gratuities. Right now, Imo State is owing over 200 Billion Naira. You can quote me. As we speak, CBN has giving order that no bank should lend Imo State money again.

I tell you if you don’t have any vision, you don’t have any reason to say you want to run for governorship of this state because anybody that is not telling us how he is going to increase the IGR is talking rubbish, he doesn’t have a plan.

Most of my colleagues that were born here are not happy. We are very very angry because this is not the Imo State that we use to know. We saw Mbakwe as a Governor, we saw Achike Udenwa, we saw Evans Enwerem, we saw Ndubuisi Kanu who has a master plan of Imo State and we have seen what is happening right now; the decadences in Imo State, what Rochas is doing, in fact, we don’t know where to start.

Right now we don’t have any civil service. There is no checks and balances in the system any more. The teachers are being maltreated and at the end of the day, they are not being paid. That is a terrible thing.

So once we enter Government House in 2010, the first thing that we are going to do is to bring back order, to bring back the civil service, is to make sure that they get their payment. When you work and you retire, we pay you your pension, we pay you your gratuity.

We need to bring back mortgage system for the civil servants. We need to give teachers roof over their heads. We need to restore that dignity to the teachers. We need to make sure we bring back the public schools. Rochas said that he is doing free education, in doing the free education stuff, he killed the public school and enthrone the private school.

Imo State is in trouble and when we get into government house in 2019, we will see how to fix Imo, we will see how we can address the debt of Imo and to get the systems back on track again. Ejiogu said.


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