For a very long time, I had deliberately decided to go off this column to observe and follow the numerous developments in our dear country, ranging from economic recession/recovery, to politics, particularly as it affects my dear state, Imo.

However, owing to pressure from my fans through phone and physical contacts, I have decided to launch back more of those topics that keep the flying public amazed on what obtains in the sky each time they sit in those big birds that fly them closer to heaven, defying all known laws on gravity. I am quite sure today’s topic shall sound even more incredible than ever imagined. Are you aware of the following:

  1. All international Airline Pilots speak English.
  2. Flights longer than 8 hours require 3 pilots (1 captain and 2 first officers) to rotate flying duties. Flights longer than 12 hours require 4 pilots (1 captain and 3 first officers). They usually fly 3 – 4 hour shift.
  3. Each airline pilot flying the aircraft eats a different meal to minimize the risk of all pilots on board being ill.
  4. The height requirement for flight attendants is for safety reasons, making sure that all flight Attendants can reach overhead safety equipment.
  5. An air traveler losses approximately 1.5 litres of water in the body during a three hour flight.
  6. The reason why the lights are turned off during takeoff and landing is for your eyes to adjust to lower levels of light.
  7. The world’s largest Airline in terms of fleet size is Emirates Airline (United Arab Emirates) with 744 aircraft and 121 aircraft on order.

The largest passenger plane is the Airbus 380- nearly 240 feet long, almost 80 feet high, and has a wing span of more than 260 feet. The double-decker plane has a standard seating capacity of 555 passengers for Emirates airline.

  1. The internet/Online check-in   was first   used   by Alaskan Airlines in 1999.
  2. The 2nd largest Airport is Kansai International Airport, Osaka, Japan. Al Maktoum International Airport in Jebel AN, Dubai, United Arab Emirates is the largest airport in the world.
  3. The airport with the longest runway in the world is Qamdo Bangda Airport in the People’s Republic of China with 5.50 kilometers in length.
  4. Singapore Airlines spends about $700 million on food every year, and $16 million on wine alone. First class passengers consume 20,000   bottles   of   alcohol   every   month   and Singapore Airlines   is the second largest   buyer Dom Perignon champagne in the world.
  5. KLM of   Netherlands   stands   for   Koninklijke    Luchtvaart Masstschappij (meaning Royal Dutch Airlines)
  1. KLM is the world’s oldest airline, established in 1919.
  2. QANTAS-Australia’s National   airline   originally   stood   for  Queens/land and Northern Territories Air service QANTAS is the second world’s oldest airline established in 1920. QANTAS still has the world’s best safety record with no crashes.
  3. Virgin Atlantic lists catering as their biggest expense after fuel and maintenance
  4. In one year, British Airways passengers consume 40.5 tons of chicken, 6 tong of caviar, 22 tons of smoked Salmon, 557,507 boxes of chocolate and 90,000 cases (9 litre cases) of sparkling wine Quite amazing, you will agree with me. See you on board next trip.
The Healing School

Hon Engr. Zik Okebaram Nwachukwu

(Ex – Nigeria Airways Ltd and Former Executive Chairman Isiala Mbano Local Govt. Area –   1999 – 2002)


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