Today the Lord has laid in my heart to write on the above topic because of some people whom I have handled their matters that started between them and animals in the dreams.

Many of them did not know what the animals stands for when they started seeing the animals. Some knowing it too late. We are writing here dangers that have been done through these dreams and satanic animals over the years. There was a Christian sister that came to me for prayer and counselling for over five years now. In process of the deliverance prayer unto her, the Lord visited her side by side. In the night after the deliverance the Lord opened her eyes and she saw the three cows that use to block road for her over the years especially when ever there is a good thing coming unto her, that three cows must appear unto her in the dream. Whenever someone is coming to have hand with her in the marriage they must appear but it came to past that after the deliverance prayer that day, she saw the three cows appearing before her, but they were powerless on like before I defeated the three cows and made them nothing. Her life changed; she got a job and men started coming for her for marriage without these three cows showing up like before. Evil occurrences that use to happened to this Christian sister stop and she started having favour. Help upon help, and uncommon break through became the order of the day. My good reader if you are among them that sees animals in the dream and take them for granted you should stop that, for they are on bad assignments. Satan always uses animals to do evil against a person who is not knowledgeable about them. There was also a Christian brother who came for counselling and prayer and he told me how he has suffered over the years because of the animal he used to see in the dreams always. He said that whenever he sees these animals in the dreams things will start getting wrong with him for a long time. After he shares this ugly experiences I was shocked that a human being can be facing harvest upon harvest of evil because of seeing evil animals in the dreams. He said that when it

started it was once a while, but all of a sudden it becomes two to three days in a week and before my deliverance it was now almost every night and when night comes, he said that he will be afraid to sleep because of what he will suffer in the dream.

The Healing School

People who are dreaming of one animal to another over the years should not take it lightly because the devil used them to torment mankind in directly without their knowledge over the years.

As I am writing this topic right here in the city of Lagos in an area called Bucknor, I remembered a woman that her husband brought for counselling and deliverance from the area called Isolo in Lagos State. The woman told me that she was always dreaming of being in a forest almost every night and always climbing trees upon trees and some times, walking on top of one tree to another; she said that sometimes, she will be playing and talking with monkeys. She also said she hears the birds talking.

So many things she confessed that happens whenever she sleeps and she have done different kinds of fasting and prayer over the years to no avail and she became tried and it continues till she met me.

I asked her why she believed that if I pray that she will be delivered. She told me that her husband whom you did his deliverance for 7 days told her all that happened while I was doing his deliverance. He told me how the Lord used me mightily to reveal so many things about his matter and enemies plans against him. He told me how the demons were speaking thorough him before going out like the Bible days of deliverance, like the days of Jesus Christ. She said that her husband testimonies were many, thats why she decided to come for her deliverance too. I thanked her for acknowledging the new hand of the Lord upon her husband now. I taught her what deliverance is and what deliverance is not. Her eyes were opened and she was ready for deliverance and the Lord began the work of signs and wonders upon her life for days, I had prayers of deliverance, her testimonies began to be clearer and clearer and she was perfectly delivered and those bad dreams stopped totally and today she sleeps like new born baby to the glory of God.

After sometimes, the husband met me and told me that his business and her wife business are today experiencing new turning point beyond their imaginations to the glory of God. The husband told me that his and her wife now knew that their multiple problems were coming from the dreams world through animals and evil birds they see in the dreams. Everybody that does not take dreams serious should take it serious these days and pray against it without delay for they are of the devil, take note.


My dear Reader, try and check these animals that I am going to write here, whether you using to see them in the dreams from time to time and start up prayer or fasting against them. Every person today should not take it easy with dream animals they are as follows:

Ant. if you are men and women that sees an ant in the dreams, it means that great enemies are after you; it means they are organized in a net work against you as a person, church or family. The problems they cause to someone are in multiplications take note wage war against them without looking back.

Bat. Are you among them that see this and you take it for granted, take it for granted no more. It means spiritual blindness and death. It means that evil powers are trying to blind the person spiritual eyes and they can do bad things to the person. Dont take bat for granted anytime dream of it.

Bees. Are you among them that dreams of Bees from time to time? beware of them. It means that bad hot temper beings are against you. It means that an organized enemies are against you here on earth and you have to use prayer and fasting against them without delay (they are angry and raging army of demons after you).

Dog. Are you among them that dreams about dog and you take it lightly? Try and stop that. If you do see dogs in the dreams, it means that witchcraft spirits are against you; it also means that spirit of perversion and impurity are after you.

Moreover, it means that the spirit of sexual demons are after you or are in you already; plus spirit of love of the world instead of God. Seeing dog(s) in the dream is very, very bad beware of it. If it use to happen to you before or now, look for a deliverance minister for deliverance ministrations and prayers. You can call me, I am on 24 hours services for my master Jesus Christ. Call this hot line anytime, anywhere, I will answer you, give you counselling and pray for you, 08068972588. Flies. Do you see flies in your dreams always and you have done nothing concerning it? This is the time that the Lord God want you to do something about it and be free from Satanic attacks. If you use to see flies in your dreams, it means that the spirit of decay is after your life, business and everything about you. Bind the spirit of flies and cast them to the sea and release good spirit of God to follow you without delay.

Fox. If you use to see this it means that an evil wisdom is working against you. It means craftiness. Bind the fox and the power behind it and cast them to the sea and command them to come back no more.

Frog. It means hypocrisy and all it carries. Bind it, and cast it to Sahara desert

and let it remain therefore ever and ever.

Goat. It means stubbornness and persistency attacks. Attacks by evil forces of the highest order. You have to raise and bind it without looking back through prayer and cast it to Lagos Lagon and decree that it should not come back any more.

Lizard. Seeing lizard dream is not good at all. It means that the spirit of fear is after you. It also means that the spirit of insanity is after you also. The enemy want make you fearful and mad and he wants to move from that level to the level of insanity.

Many people who are insane.

That I have delivered told me how they started seeing lizards in their dreams before they finally became insane. When we are telling people to be serious in praying against their bad dreams with fasting and prayer, they though that we are joking. I have seen a lot in deliverance ministry which the Lord have called me over the years. As a prophet of God I use to tell them where their problems started and they take it lightly, before enemy finally took over, they always give a sign or another before they come.

Scorpion. This means spirits of pains and afflictions. It is dangerous and also

malicious to the highest order.

Serpents. It is a symbol of craftiness and wildness of the highest order. Snake is not a friend of mankind and whenever you see snake in your dream, try to kill it and do not take it easy with it. Snake in the dreams means marine powers are against you. It also means that the gods are against you. It also means that there are altars that are against you. It means that water spirit are against you. You dont need to play whenever you see snake in your dreams and pray seriously against it with fasting and prayer, victory will be yours.

Rat and Mouse. They represent the spirit of poverty and wastage of the highest order. Bind the Rat and command it to die in the name of Jesus and it will be so.

Spider. This tiny animal is the one that produces cobweb from time to time. It is for the catching of its prey or captive. Many men and women have not know how dangerous this animal is, but we who are prophets and also into deliverance ministry knows. It is a witchcraft spirit. It is a spirit of anti progress. It is spirit of greed, it is spirit of blockage at operation. If you are dreaming this often or seeing it in the dream it is not good. There was one muslim nurse near my house so many years ago and one day I came back from preaching engagement, I saw one of my neighbor coming to greet me and the same time inviting me to her house, I later accepted the invitation and visited the woman and she told me why she invited me because of the muslim nurse who have been having problems upon problems. She told me how she use to have night mares often, oppressed while asleep and the greatest of all is cobweb always block her ways both inside the house, on the street, any where she finds herself every day. Where others passes without cobwebs, if she passes there cobwebs will block her. She became disturb and start looking for solutions here and there to no avail. She decided to seek for solution through a pastor aside her faith, that is why I was invited.

I read the word of God through the bible unto her and preached Jesus Christ unto her and made her to know that Jesus Christ can grant instant miracle and deliverance and she accepted my message and accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and personal savior and I led her unto Christ. I spent time and prayed for her and she was delivered instantly and from the time of the deliverance uptil today no more cobwebs after her anymore.

She said that she could not have trace of cobwebs anymore, either in the day or in the night as she used to have them or see them anymore. Every time she sees me she sees me like little god uptil today. Thats what real gospel of our Lord Jesus can do few years ago in the land of Lagos and not in the land of Israel alone where people thought that God cannot do miracle elsewhere except in Israel only. God is everywhere and whosoever that calls him out of a pure heart and faith will receive miracle upon miracles. I want to say here that if you are the target of the enemy, you are the one that will see the cobwebs around you or use your hands to remove them, other people may not see it sometimes except you. This means that a demonic spider will dispatched against the person. Solution command the spider(s) to die and there will be no cobwebs again. Command the demon dispatched against you to be bind and be cast into the sea in the name of Jesus Christ and come back no more.

Pig. From ages past, full of dirtness and destructive.

An animal that is glutton. Pig means destruction and terrible evil spirit in the dream. An attack in the dreams sometimes manifest insanity here on earth. It also means the person loosing him or her inhabitations these days.

We should bind and cast away every pig that one sees in the dream without delay.

We should release the spirit of the Holy Spirit to take over us without delay.

Tortoise. The bible calls this animal unclean animal it is not good to be seen in the dream. It means Slowestness of the highest level. It means retardation. Today, I want you to know that persons under the attacks the spiritual tortoise achieve very, very little in life. It also represents laziness when you see it in the dream. It also represent spirit of procrastination.

We should pray seriously whenever we see tortoise in our dreams. We should command Gods fire and thunder to destroy it without delay and the Lord will do it, without delay.

Worm. Worm in the dream means destructive and world of poverty. Some of people use to see themselves eating worms, stooling worms, vomiting worms or noticing worms moving in their bodies. We need to pray hard with fasting and get all the worms killed by commanding them to be destroyed by the blood of Jesus or by Gods thunder and lighting and it will be so I will not fail to write here that they are demonic parasites that the demonic uses to eat up persons. Spirit of poverty which worms stands for, we should not take it easy these days, seeing what poverty is doing our nation Nigeria today and also our continent Africa. Every year millions becomes poor in Nigeria and every year billions becomes poor in Africa. We should pray that the spirit of poverty should be bind and cast out of our lives, Nigeria and Africa these days and come back no more.

Cock/Hen. What this stands in the dream is that the person will be having trouble from time to time (periodically) it also mean someones inability to fly high in life.

Furthermore, it means spirit of being the tail or backwardness. IF you are among the people that sees cock in your dreams often, try and pray fervently against it because the enemy want to make you a back ward person these days.

Owl. There are two strangers names that people calls it night monster and bird of death. If you are among them that sees it in the dream, it means spirit of death and hell the spirit of falsehood or false knowledge. It also means spirit of false wisdom or satanic wisdom. IF you see Owl in your dream, try and wakeup and pray against it.

Make sure that you dont play about it. Command it to die. It is also a representative of witchcraft and evil future work against it day and night. The spirit of the Lord will help you.

Vulture. Vulture is an unclean animal from time in memorial. It has its association with dead animals from time to time. Vulture, if seen in the dream, it means suicidal tendencies of the devil. Anytime we start seeing Vulture in our dreams, we should change our system of prayer to fire prayer. We should pray against spirit of untimely death, evil occurrences, death spirit and evil manifestations from time to time.

We should not play with and dream that we see Vulture. We should seriously pray against it. All birds should not be taken up serious, but should be prayed against.

Depending on the role that each prayed in the dream.


1. Surrender your life to Jesus Christ. Genuine repentance, ask God for forgive you the past sins, present sins and make you whole

2. Be prayerful at all times

3. Examine your dreams from time to time

4. Summon every animal you have seen in the dreams and command them to die.

5. Command them to be destroy without remembrance

6. Live a pure life.

7. Try and have a church and become a committed member and the Lord will bless you richly.

For prayers, counseling on all matters call on these Number: 08068972588, 07084260476 and fellowship with us every Sunday 9am.


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